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DENDAOMNIVORATHEWHITELIAR - ME (UnReleased Punk Album) Official Made By #RecRecordsYK #2023 1. I Want To Kill You 2. Proud Punk 3. Drunk Punk 4. Depresi Gila 5. Missing Lost 6. Raw 7. Pahit Lidah 8. Mimpi 9. Masteng 10. Kids Zaman Now 11. Racist Sexist Girl 12. Chaos Ever 13. Tapak Baja. (In Memory To All White Liars) +- bonus track: Therefore We Shout (#Disorder) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2u0a3autt0scx/DENDA_OMNIVORA_AND_THE_WHITE_LIAR_-_ME_(2023) #DENDAOMNIVORATHEWHITELIAR #ME
Vol.09 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t9tep1b5muxiy/Vol.09 (ENJOY FOLKS)
Vol.08 (2022) https://www.mediafire.com/file/0b99uckokva13t6/FRESH_2022.zip/file (Enjoy Folks)
Volume.07 (2021) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bj8gf90bu2438/A_is_Forever (ENJOY FOLKS)
It's Comes Like Fire (2020) THE BEST ALBUM VOLUME.02 Link FREEDOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/omqs8x3i2s974/Vol.+06+Greatest+Hits+Album+2020+(IT+COMES+LIKE+FIRE) (ENJOY FOLKS)
THIS ALBUM VOLUME.05 INSPIRING DEDICATED TO Jali Khatulistiwa De Indonesia YOGYAKARTA made in inspiring from Sepultura and Kontrasosial and Pantera and BANDITSEX band Yogyakarta INDONESIA esta la banda Denda Omnivora And The White Liar y su disco "Passion" de este 2013..............................saludos a Rahadian Maga!!!! By. Mosko Inked & www.PunksAndSkins.com link: http://www.punksandskins.com/dl.php?go=http://d-crust.blogspot.com/2013/11/denda-omnivora-and-white-liar-passion.html DENDAOMNIVORAANDTHEWHITELIAR "PASSION" Year: 2013 Genre: Experimental Crust Punk And Roll Country: INA Label: Rec Records An excellent metallic crust release from Jogja (Java, INA). The lineup of DOATWL is almost One male, and they clain to be influenced by Sacrilege (one of the first UK bands who switched from anarcho-punk to proto-black metal... a female-fronted band as well) and Celtic Frost. DENDAOMNIVORAANDTHEWHITELIAR "PASSION"... Label: Rec Records– absoc 05 Format: Compact Disc, Limited Edition Country: INA Released: 29 Jul 2013 Genre: Rock Style: Punk, Hardcore, Industrial Metal, Death Metal Tracklist Hide Credits A1 [ Faight ] Fighter 1:37 A2 Mimpi [ jangan kau beli ] 2:08 A3 Masteng 1:50 A4 Prelude A? 1:41 B1 Depresi dan Gila 3:55 B2 Hero Full Of Shit [ Live Version ] 1:13 B3 Los missing Los 2:35 Lyrics By – Denda Omnivora
Cool&Cold/Bumi&Surga(thebestofme) (2011) THIS ALBUM VOLUME.04 INSPIRING DEDICATED TO Faris Shidqi Front Cover Made By. Tubagus Riski Darmawan And StoneAge Rcrds Bisa dibilang sebenernya musik Denda Omnivora itu agak rumit untuk mendiskripsikannya. Pertama kali denger Denda Omnivora and The White Liar sih dulu waktu pertama kali tau Yes No Wave dimana doi dulu rilis mini albumnya yang berjudul "Lets Kiss and Be Friends". Kalo sesotoy-sotoynya komen saya sih Denda Omnivora itu memadukan sound kasar garage punk, plus elektro punk dengan racikan rempah-rempah shockrock di dalamnya (REMPAH! Masakan kali!). Dan album yang kali ini dirilis oleh netlabel kere ini sebenernya merupakan kumpulan lagu-lagu terbaik yang pernah ditulis dan dipilih sendiri oleh sang frontman band ini, Rahadian Adhitya Maga. Dari album inipun anda dapat mendengar gimana sih si Denda Omnivora waktu era-era awal itu sampai mengalami pembaharuan musikalitas (Woelah gaya bener bahasanye preng!). Okelah dengan tepuk meriah sambil menyambut weekend mari kita download album ini untuk sontrek pra malam minggu kalian! Much and less, it seems so hard to define what kind of music does Denda Omnivora play. The first time I heard Denda Omnivora and The White Liar is a period as I start to dig the Yes No Wave catalogue and the mini album "Lets Kiss and Be Friends" becomes an introduction to Denda Omnivora sound. Denda Omnivora itself much and less I could say presenting a raw garage punk tunes with electro punk vibe within a shockrock sensation CMIIW please :p And the album which is released by this crappy netlabel is an album which collecting the best songs ever written by the band and currated by the frontman of the band, Rahadian Adhitya Maga. This album will present you the Denda Omnivora's sound at the early age into the current form where various musicality experience seems has made a count for its transformation. So what are you waiting for? Dig this for your wild saturday night soundtrack! made in inspiring from Angelic Upstarts and Killed On Juarez and The Prodigy and C.u.t.s (Caustics.ultraist.totally.slice) Link FREEDOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?vzbm3b1c4noyc73